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I met Dominika while applying to University of the Arts London, she was kind enough to guide and help me throughout the preparation of my portfolio. I ended up getting an offer from all my desired courses and i know for a fact, that it woudn't be possible without her assistance - I am eternally grateful! Dominika is a very creative and accomplished designer, one of those that you meet only once in a long time. I wholeheartedly recommend her as both a designer and a tutor!


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Dominika was knowledgeable and helped me to identify my strengths and weakneses in my portfolio. She gave me valuable feedback on the presentation and organization of my projects and offered insightful suggestions on how to improve them. I highly recommend her!



If you need more direction why not try 1-2-1 mentoring? I have been running those sessions for over 7 years and can provide help with your application, personal statement, creating your portfolio or helping you with interview prep. Theres no commitment needed we can have as many or as few sessions as you need!